Fire Rated Glass

Fire rated glass is used to contain flames and gas in the event of a fire. It offers various levels of protection, measured as a rating, or the amount of time the glass remains intact in a fire.

Building Codes and Testing Standards require that products meet certain criteria so that public safety and building integrity are not compromised. As of July 1st, 2007 many states have adopted the International Building Code (IBC) which has changed the acceptable applications for the use of wired glass. All new construction and replacements must now use fired rated glazing that also meets CPSC Category I & II impact ratings where required. Conventional wired glass does not qualify as a safety glazing product and no longer carries any exemptions as in older versions of the IBC.

United Plate Glass offers a variety of fire rated products to meet your specification needs.

Specialty Tempered

Fire Protective Ceramics

Fire Protective Safety Wired:

Benefits to using UPG for fire rated glass:

* when delivered by United Plate Glass on our own delivery trucks

While we are not "code experts", we can help you to sort through your job specifications and determine which fire rated product is necessary for the project you are working on. However, code interpretation and enforcement can vary according to each jurisdiction, so we urge you to consult with your local building codes and authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) for final product approval.